Matthew Underwood
Born in 1971 in Marlborough, Wiltshire.

I studied at Salisbury College of Art and Camarthenshire College of Art in Wales.

My main interests are still life subjects and landscape.  
It was after viewing an exhibition of Spanish still life paintings in London that I began to reduce the size of my work.

My first miniature painting "Still life with a bee" was exhibited at the Royal West of England Academy of Art in Bristol in 1998.

Still life with a bee

 My name takes a lot of space on such a tiny painting so I sign each work with an "M".


I'm very fond of Dutch still life paintings and like the way that butterflies, wasps, snails and bees seem to wander into them. It's something I like to do too, so  I often include small creatures that visit me while I paint.

Landscape painting has always fascinated me. I like to get a feel for the place before I begin to paint, many of my landscape paintings are of places that I know well or are places that I've enjoyed exploring. 

My  miniature paintings are widely collected and I've had successful exhibitions in Amsterdam. I've also exhibited  at  The Medici Gallery , The Llewellyn Alexander Gallery, and The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.